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Thrive Physical Therapy + Pilates offers a personalized and positive movement experience in a safe, respectful, and beautiful environment. Through physical therapy and Pilates, our mission is to restore physical well-being, while integrating movement education with functional activity. While promoting the balance of body and mind, we inspire, support and enrich the lives of people in our community.

Our Story

Thrive Physical Therapy + Pilates was established in July 2009 as a shared vision between the owners, Jody Thatcher, PT (owner of the Physical Therapy clinic) and Jessica Gradhandt (owner of the Pilates studio). Recognizing the dynamic combination of physical strength with well-being, Jody and Jessica wanted to offer the unique and complementary blend of physical therapy and Pilates to their patients and clients. They originally opened their businesses in a shared suite, but within a year and a half both entities had grown and were in need of more space. In February 2011 the Pilates studio expanded into the adjacent suite and the physical therapy clinic added a second treatment room. Today, the physical therapy and Pilates branches live in separate spaces, though still side-by-side under the same roof.

Our continued growth hasn't steered us away from our original roots: Thrive is a community. We strive to provide a warm, welcoming environment for everyone and continue to stay dedicated to our original mission of providing a personalized and positive movement experience.

Navigating this site

Representative of our business structure, this website branches into physical therapy and Pilates specific pages once you navigate away from the shared pages. You can easily return to shared pages by clicking HOME or the logo on the top left of each page.

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