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Group Reformer Classes

Group Reformer classes are perfect for students with experience on the Reformer and familiarity with the basic Pilates repertoire. (A minimum of 3 Private sessions are required prior to joining a group Reformer class.) During a group class, a certified Pilates instructor will lead students through a safe, challenging series designed to strengthen and condition the entire body.

Group Reformer classes are limited to 3-4 participants and require advanced sign-up online.

“I have noticed a profound impact on my lower and upper body over the last 2 years. Not only did the range of motion increase in my knee, but the pain has disappeared, and I am able to walk normally and do outdoor activities, pain free, which is something that I haven’t been able to do in 10 years.” ~ Karen E.

The Beginner Reformer class is designed for healthy clients who are newer to Pilates or prefer a class with more explanation and set-up of exercises. The instructor will focus on exercises that promote core strength and lumbar pelvic stability, as well as exercises that promote spinal articulation, flexibility and mind/body connection.

The Intermediate Reformer class is designed for clients who have experience with Pilates and are aware of their own physical strengths and limitations. The instructor will focus on exercises that promote core strength and stability as well as exercises that promote spinal articulation, flexibility and mind/body connection.

The Advanced Reformer class is designed for clients with experience in Pilates who seek a challenging, faster-paced Pilates workout. We ask that clients signing up for Advanced Reformer classes seek approval by a Thrive instructor first. Advanced exercises provide a heightened challenge for core strength, stability, and mind/body connection.


*Therapeutic classes are designed around clients who may have physical limitations or need more time warming up and/or getting into exercises with specific modifications.

This class is designed just for men! With a focus on core and all-over strength for athletic training, the class is challenging, fast-paced and adds stretching elements to keep muscles long and agile.

Combining essential Mat work with the benefits of the Pilates Reformer Tower equipment, this class is appropriate for students who are familiar with Pilates (have had at least 10 sessions/classes) and do not have any physical limitations. Through a system of springs and bars, the equipment supports the body to ensure proper stabilization and positioning, while providing added resistance for strengthening, toning and lengthening muscles.

The prenatal Pilates Reformer class is designed for women who are having a healthy pregnancy and want to stay toned, strong and supportive throughout each trimester and the birth process. Pregnancy-appropriate Pilates exercises are modified as your body and abilities change. A great way to stay in shape throughout your pregnancy! Note: An exercise release is required from your doctor or midwife to participate in this class.


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