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Mat Classes

"The individualized attention targeting weak areas, the considerate verbal descriptions of what to do, and the progressive exercises have all led to a wonderfully rewarding and productive experience for me. I could have tried a lot of different Pilates classes before finding anything so intelligently and sensitively presented. Thank you so much to the instructors at Thrive for their dedication and ongoing professional development that have enabled me to have such a safe, personal and fulfilling experience." ~ Alison S.

The Pilates Mat work forms the foundation of the Pilates method. A Mat class includes a series of exercises performed on a soft mat on the floor. It is every bit as challenging as the Pilates work on the equipment. And it's a great place to hone the basic Pilates techniques.

During a Mat class, your instructor will safely guide you through an exercise sequence designed to build strength and flexibility. Some Mat classes involve other props such as small balls, foam rollers or Magic Circles.