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reach your goals with physical therapy

Achieve YOUR Goals with Physical Therapy

by Jody Thatcher PT, MPT, April 1, 2019

Part of our mission is to guide engaged patients. What are the traits of an engaged patient? They’re ready, proactive, accountable, savvy, discerning and willing. But ultimately, they have a GOAL. Helping your physical therapist know and understand your personal goals is the key to your success.

7 Tips to get rid of swelling

Tips to Decrease Swelling After Injury

by Jody Thatcher PT, MPT, March 1, 2019

Is R.I.C.E really the best advise after an injury? Too much swelling, or swelling that lingers too long, can slow your recovery by making an injured area more painful and less mobile. In this article learn 7 tips that physical therapists use to decrease swelling after injury. Some of them might surprise you.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost? How to Find the Best Price AND the Best Value

by Jody Thatcher PT, MPT, February 1, 2019

Patients often ask how much physical therapy costs. Surprisingly, this question doesn’t have a straight forward answer. This can be confusing to even the most savvy healthcare consumer. In this article, we’ll explain the factors that contribute to the cost of a physical therapy visit.
Learn tips to get the BEST PRICE and the BEST VALUE from physical therapy.


How to Breathe

by Kim Kutzner PT, DPT, January 1, 2019

Did you know that you breathe 17,000 – 30,000 times per day? Have you ever payed attention to how you breathe? Breathing is a very accessible and practical way to enhance mental and physical well being. In this article we’ll discuss the anatomy of breathing, how breathing relates to posture and your core, and the need for breath awareness.

Happy Holidays from Thrive Physical Therapy

Happy Holidays 2018

by Jody Thatcher PT, MPT, December 13, 2018

Wishing you a radiant, healthy and active holiday, from (left to right) Ali, Stacey, Olivia, Jody, Leisa and Kim. In lieu of traditional holiday cards we donated $500 in your honor. Read on to learn the highlights of 2018. Find out what’s coming in 2019!

stiff neck headache

Is Your Stiff Neck Giving You Headaches?

by Ali Lubbers PT, DPT, December 1, 2018

If you’ve experienced neck pain or stiffness, have headaches, and haven’t had an injury — chances are you’ve experienced a cervicogenic headache.  Stiffness of the joints at the top of your spine can cause these types of headaches. This makes them different from tension headaches. Try the exercises in this article first. If they don’t take your pain away, you’ll need an exam and treatment from a physical therapist to loosen the joints utilizing manual therapy. We’ll help you find other areas you may need to strengthen or stabilize, and prescribe exercises tailored for you.  

Woman needing physical therapy

Understanding Insurance Coverage for Physical Therapy

by Leisa Faler, Office/Billing Manager, November 1, 2018

Trying to understand how physical therapy is covered by your insurance can be confusing at best and infuriating at worst. In this article you’ll learn insurance terms and the most common ways physical therapy is covered.

Man happily stretching at work

Workplace Exercises

by Jody Thatcher PT, MPT, October 1, 2018

If you’re like most working people, your day involves sitting in front of a screen the majority of the day. In this article, we share 7 workplace exercises you can do right now. Learn how to breathe correctly, and learn the best way to sit or stand at your desk.

Knee arthritis rehab

Eat More Fiber, Prevent Arthritis

by Jody Thatcher PT, MPT, August 30, 2018

Last year, new research revealed a link between increased fiber consumption and reduced risk of arthritis. Previously I might have ignored this study, but a few months earlier I’d begun to transition to a plant-based diet. Eating plant-based can mean different things to different people. My version, for the most part, involves purposefully eating loads of fiber every day. I hope you enjoy learning about this newly discovered way to avoid suffering from arthritis.

Plank on Ball for Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain: Your Questions Answered

by Jody Thatcher PT, MPT, August 1, 2018

We treat lower back pain more frequently than any other diagnosis. For that reason, we’re answering your most common questions, informing you about the research and maybe even busting some myths.
Spoiler alert — physical therapy (PT) is one of the most economical, safe, and effective ways to treat most cases of lower back pain.